Krispy Kreme Rolls Out New ChurrDough Collection

There’s a new first-of-its-kind collection of doughnuts coming to Krispy Kreme with the flavors of churros, called the ChurrDough Collection. Here’s are the three varieties of ChurrDoughs that you can look for at participating Krispy Kreme locations nationwide:

  • Cinnamon Sugar ChurrDough – ChurrDough tossed in cinnamon sugar and topped off with salted caramel crunch pieces along with swirls of cinnamon.
  • Cookies & Kreme ChurrDough – tossed in cinnamon sugar and decorated with swirls of chocolate cookie Kreme topped with chocolate icing and chocolate cookie pieces.
  • Dulce De Leche ChurrDough – new ChurrDough tossed in cinnamon sugar then decorated with swirls of cream cheese icing and topped with dulce de leche drizzle and cookie pieces.

The new items are available individually or in a 3-pack for a limited time through September 18, 2022.

Source: Chew boom

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