What Does Your Favorite Beach Cocktail Say About You?

While Labor Day is the unofficial end to summer, it’s still beach weather in plenty areas of the country, and if there’s one thing better than hanging out at the beach, it’s hanging out at the beach with a nice cool beverage. But did you realize what you enjoy drinking at the beach could say a lot about your personality?

A new survey conducted by OnePoll for CheapCaribbean set out to discover what a person’s favorite beach cocktail says about them.

  • Overall, the survey found that the top drinks enjoyed at the beach include:
    • Beer (17%)
    • Margarita (16%)
    • Wine (16%)
    • Daiquiri (11%)
    • Bloody Mary (9%)
  • But while mojitos aren’t one of the top beach drinks, folks may want to start enjoying them.
  • That’s because according to the poll, mojito drinkers:
    • Have the best love life (72%)
    • Are having the best dating success (88%)
    • Are happiest with their lives (85%)
  • Meanwhile, beer drinkers are said to be the most extroverted beachgoers (33%).
  • Bloody Mary drinkers are the most adventurous (80%), and are willing to say “yes” to everything (73%).
  • Margarita drinkers are also likely to have a great sex life (63%), but also tend to be the most introverted beachgoers (50%).
  • When it comes to summer, 40% are not ready for it to end.
  • In fact, two-thirds will feel the need to get their beach-fix somewhere tropical when the weather starts getting colder.
  • Top places to escape to include Eagle Beach, Aruba (36%) or Montego Bay, Jamaica (24%).

Source: SWNS Digital

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