Dating Coach: Red Flags All Women Should Know

We all have our own dealbreakers and signs that make us rethink a potential romantic partner, but a professional dating coach is sharing the ones he thinks all women should be aware of. In a series of three TikTok videos, Jacob Lucas reveals the seemingly innocent behaviors that he says can actually be major warning signs.

Lucas warns these are the controlling behaviors women need to watch out for:

  • He tells you what you can or cannot wear - “Some men try to control what women wear because they get insecure that other men will look at their partner,” Lucas explains, adding that women should wear what makes them feel confident and happy and their partners should support that.
  • He tells you who you can or can’t have as friends - You should be able to decide who you spend time with and Lucas points out that abusive partners try to control that so they can isolate their partners and keep them from having a support network.
  • He tries to control your eating habits and has opinions on your weight - This one is especially dangerous because it can not only make women self-conscious, it can also lead to eating disorders and body dysmorphia.
  • He tells you that he finds another woman more attractive than you - Attractive people still exist in the world when you’re dating someone else, but if he’s comparing you to them and putting you down, that’s a huge red flag.
  • He tells you what to spend your money on - You’re an adult who’s capable of earning and spending your own money without his permission.
  • He tells you when you can or cannot go out - This is an extremely controlling behavior and you don’t have to put up with it.
  • He likes other women’s thirst traps on social media - Lucas stresses that liking their sexy photos is disrespectful to you and it’s just one step away from sliding into their DMs.
  • He still talks to his ex - This expert says unless they have kids together, your man shouldn’t still talk to his former flame.
  • He says “you’re lucky I’m with you, I could be with any woman I wanted” - According to Lucas, saying this is a sign he’s a narcissist and not someone you want to be with.

Source: Daily Mail

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