A New Report Claims The Perfect Man Is Over Six Feet Tall

While all women have different tastes when it comes to men, a new report suggests for most gals, height is a pretty big deal.

A new Girl Power Strong survey finds:

  • 76% of women say they prefer to be in a relationship with a man who is taller than they are.
  • 25% prefer a man to be four to six inches taller.
  • While 11% say the ideal height difference is six to eight inches.

So, that begs the question? How tall is the “perfect” man?

  • Well, Girl Power Strong set out to discover just that, looking at thousands of romance novels on Amazon to determine the height descriptions of the male main characters.
  • Their reasoning is that since romance novels are among the majority of best-selling fiction books, they are a good indicator of women’s ideal fantasy man.
  • So, based on this, the ideal fantasy man is six feet or taller.
  • In fact, 95% of men in romance novels are at least six feet tall, with the average male protagonist six feet, three inches tall.
  • As for shorter men, less than 5% of romance novels featured a man who was five-foot-11 or under. 

Source: Girl Power Strong

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