Small Business Owners Reveal Their Strangest Customer Complaints

Being a small business owner isn’t easy for so many reasons… and one of those reasons can be because of customer complaints. Small biz owners shared some of the funniest, strangest, and straight up silliest complaints that they’ve gotten from customers.

  • “The tassel earrings were too tassel-y.”
  • “They complained the 13 cats weren’t perfectly behaved.”
  • “They said my teabags had broken apart after a 20-minute brew.”
  • “They wanted the strippers to be more naked.”
  • “She hadn’t bought anything from me, but gave a one-star review.”
  • “They were annoyed their fingerprint didn’t look like the one on the website.”
  • After they were already given a welcome discount on their first order, “they wanted a discount code for their mom.”
  • “They were annoyed the box went to their old address” after moving.

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Source: Metro UK

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