Private Investigator’s Top Signs Your Partner Is Cheating

Worried your partner is being unfaithful? A private investigator on TikTok is here to help you find out. The unnamed P.I. from the Australian company Down Under Investigations shares his top signs “you’ve got a cheater on your hands” in a video.

The red flags to be on the lookout for are:

  • Lying - If your partner lies about both big and small things, they may be cheating.
  • Defensiveness - If they get overly defensive, that’s a warning sign, too.
  • Gaslighting - The P.I. says gaslighting is a ‘subtle” sign that you’re dating a cheater.
  • Accusations - If they accuse you of cheating, they might be cheating themselves.
  • Has cheated before - Does your partner have a history of being unfaithful? Then you’re right to be suspicious, according to this investigator.

TikTik viewers took to the comments section to add their own warning signs:

  • “Other men messaging them good morning and good night texts,” one user writes.
  • “They say they’re going to wash the car at 10:30 at night and don’t return for several hours … my ex,” shares another.
  • And a third person adds a whole list of them: “Racing home to change or shower. Using new sayings or words. New interest in fashion. New phone lock screen. Leaves rings at home.”

Source: NY Post

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