How To Take A Healthy Relationship Break

If you and your S.O. don’t wanna call it quits, but know you both need some space, a timeout may be just what you need. This break isn’t a breakup. Instead it’s when you give each other time so you can reflect on things individually. So how can you take a healthy relationship break?

Be tactful and set ground rules.

  • The first step is having an open and honest convo with your partner about how you want to take a break.
  • During this convo, explain why you need the break.
  • You both need to be on board with the break for it to work.
  • Next, set ground rules that you’ll both follow. Make sure to spell out what’s acceptable to do during this break and what isn’t.
  • Rules to set include the amount of contact the two of you will have with each other, if you can hook up with anyone else during this time and so on.
  • Also, set a time limit on the break.


Reflect and make a final decision.

  • When you’re reflecting, make sure you’re thinking about the role you may have played in issues that rose, too.
  • Also think about times you may have possibly taken your partner for granted.
  • If at the end, you want to stay together, share with your partner what you reflected on and what you learned about during the timeout.
  • Also be sure to vocalize changes you want to see moving forward.
  • It is important to also potentially prepare for the worst – breaking up – as the outcome of a break can go two ways.

Source: Glam

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