Flirty Good Morning Texts For Your Crush

If your crush is on your mind when you wake up, let them know! The best way to do it? By sending a flirty good morning text! It’ll give them a nice feeling and give you one too. Here are some great “good morning” text ideas from “Bustle” for you to text your crush.

  • “I need cuddles this morning. I wish you were here.”
  • “Good morning! Just woke up thinking about how awesome you are. I hope you have a great day :) ”
  • “You were in my dream last night. Want to hear about it?”
  • “Good morning, love! I just wanted to say thank you for being you :) ”
  • “Hi, my love. I woke up thinking about you and it put a huge smile on my face.”
  • “Good morning! I woke up hugging my pillow this morning, but hopefully, you can replace it soon ;) ”
  • “Good morning! *selfie*”
  • *Song link* “Listening to this made me think of you this morning, hope you have a great day.”
  • “Good Morning! I woke up so excited to kiss your face later tonight ;)”

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Source: Bustle

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