Assistants: The Wildest Requests My Boss Ever Made

Sure, all bosses can ask their employees to do ridiculous things. But if you are or have ever been an assistant, your stories are likely weirder, wilder, or worse. “Huffington Post” asked assistants to share the wildest requests their boss ever made to them and their answers may surprise you.. or not!

  • “‘My wife is coming in later. Can you order some Kate Spade perfume and get all the porn off my computer?’ Shaking my head.”
  • “She snapped her fingers when she wanted something. Would shout ‘FOOD!’ from her office, meaning ‘Get me lunch.’ I was in the beginning of my admin career. I’ve come so far, and while that was painful, it made me more sympathetic to admins who struggle with tyrants.”
  • “‘Can you not say good morning to me when I arrive at the office? It causes me to lose my focus.’”
  • “‘Hey, can you get $15,000 in cash for my trip to Vegas?’”
  • “A bird flew into the grill on my boss’ car while he was driving to work — it didn’t survive — and once he got into the office, he used my ruler to wedge that poor bird out and asked me to get rid of it and handed me my ruler back.”
  • “‘Hey, can you clean up the crumbs from my office floor? It was a messy lunch.’”
  • “[The most ridiculous request was] to sew a hole in his pocket while he was wearing them. He didn’t go change and give his slacks to me; he just wore them and pulled the pocket out for me to sew! If anyone was watching, they’d have called HR for sure! Gotta laugh!”

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Source: Huffington Post

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