Dating App Employees Share Secrets From Their Jobs

You know the user experience when it comes to dating apps. But have you ever thought of the other side – what it’s like working for a dating app? Dating app employees are now sharing secrets from their jobs with “Buzzfeed” to show you what it’s really like from the other side… and show you even more about the reality of dating apps.

  • "I have a friend who works for a dating app. Her ENTIRE job is to remove inappropriate images. Her JOB is to look at d*ck pics all day. Five days a week. That’s all."
  • "Guys swipe right on 47% of profiles. Women only swipe right on 12%."
  • "The most depressing stat was the histogram of word count in messages. Something like 91% of opening messages were just one word 'Hey,' and ~85% of conversations were just one exchange long ('Hey' and no reply ever)."
  • "There were a bunch of accurate and proven catfish reports, and a lot of cute pet pictures. But sometimes, you'd google the image of the dog and sometimes find out that it’s someone else’s dog."
  • "I used to work for a major dating app, although this was about four or five years ago. Globally, about 90% of the users are men, so there is a huge male-to-female disparity, although it's not that bad on a per country basis (for some countries)."
  • "We pre-vet all of our profiles, and the number of d*ck pics we have to reject is incredible! And yes, we can see all the photos you choose to delete."

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Source: Buzzfeed

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