Women Share The Worst Things Men Have Said To Them In a Work Environment

Unfortunately, misogyny in the workplace is still a thing at some places. “Buzzfeed” explored this by asking women in the “BuzzFeed Community” to share the worst thing a man has said to them in a professional setting.

· "I opened a door for a male colleague. He gestured for me to go first, and I graciously nodded. As I proceeded to walk, he followed behind me, saying, 'I love watching you’re a**.' I should also mention that we work in the legal field."

· "During a company lay off, I was told that I was being laid off because my husband worked, but some of my male coworkers had wives at home who didn't work, so I would be okay. I was also told that I was the better employee, but there are other things they needed to consider.”

· "I had a manager tell me that he was going to spank me because I hadn't written my order yet. When I said, 'Excuse me?' he said it again. Earnestly."

· "At a team meeting, I disagreed with someone (calmly and all that). After that, at my next one-on-one, my boss said that he didn't know what was wrong with me, but that I needed to be medicated. What the f**k? I'm not allowed to disagree with people?"

· "While feeding a hospitalized infant, a 49-year-old physician said to then 28-year-old me (I am large-busted), 'I'll bet you could breastfeed the whole nursery.'"

· "I got engaged when I was 26 and was excited to tell my coworkers. My 70-year-old boss overheard and angrily said, 'Now you're just going to get pregnant and be useless.'"

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Source: Buzzfeed

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