Parents & Kids Spend Five Hours Reading Each Week

From a young age, many parents bond with their children over reading their favorite books, and a new survey reveals just how important books are in most families. The poll, conducted by Thriftbooks, finds:

  • Half of parents buy books for their child once or a few times a month.
  • Surprisingly, men are more likely than women to buy their kids books (54% vs. 44%).
  • And most kids love it ,with 76% of parents saying their child loves filling their shelves with books.
  • 62% of kids have their own book shelves, while 48% say theirs is full.
  • The average child actually has 26 books, 21 of which they chose themselves, with only 6% required reading for school. 

And books can really be a great way for families to connect.

  • In fact, 58% of parents say they love sharing their favorite books with their kids.
  • That’s more than those who enjoy sharing favorite TV shows (50%), toys (47%) and places or experiences (44%).
  • 65% of both parents and children say they enjoy reading often.
  • Because of that, the average parent and child will spend five hours reading each week.
  • As for what they like to read, parents say their kids’ favorite genres include:
    • Adventure books (32%)
    • Fantasy (27%)
    • Fiction (27%)
    • Mystery (27%)

Source: SWNS Digital

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