The Five Work Love Languages Explained

You’ve probably heard of “love languages” — the different ways we prefer to give and receive love — but did you know they don’t just apply to romantic relationships? Dr. Gary Chapman came up with the concept for the original love languages through his work as a marriage counselor and it turns out, we all have a work love language too.

Our work love language is basically our working style - and what we need to feel happy and appreciated in the workplace. Jill Cotton, career trends expert at Glassdoor, says understanding them can be the key to happiness at work and this is how she breaks them down:

  • Words of affirmation - This type of person wants to hear specifics when it comes to praise or criticism, rather than vague statements like “great job!” Cotton points out that managers should remember that praise can come in many forms, from a short slack to part of a team meeting.
  • Tangible gifts and perks - If this is your work love language, you enjoy a free breakfast in the office or a bottle of bubbly on your desk after a project well done. These little things go a long way in making these employees feel appreciated.
  • Quality time - Working from home during the pandemic may have been hardest for this work love language since they’re all about that face-to-face interaction. These types actually like meetings, feeling tuned in to what’s happening in the workplace and one-on-one chats with the boss.
  • Acts of service - Actions speak louder than words for this group, who really appreciate it when the boss makes moves to create an environment where they can do their best work. That could be letting you work from home more often, dropping unnecessary meetings or taking work off your plate when you’ve got too much.
  • Money - This one may be the easiest to understand: it’s the money that drives them. Those with this work love language won’t be happy when they’re being underpaid, and they’re motivated by a salary bump or a bonus.

Source: Metro

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