People Admitting Borderline "Toxic" Cooking Habits They're Guilty Of

Everyone has their own cooking style and tastes. But some of these styles may be more interesting and unique than others… or just straight up something you wouldn’t want others to know you do in the kitchen. Reddit user Reddit-Sama asked Redditors "What’s your toxic cooking trait?"

  • "I cook as though I have my own personal dishwasher to do the cleaning for me. I create a small mountain of dishes for myself to wash."
  • "I never measure ingredients, time anything, or write down recipes for the things I make on the fly, which essentially means I never make the same thing twice. I am an agent of chaos and chance in the kitchen, but it somehow always works in my favor."
  • "I freeze too much food. I love to batch cook, and it works out absolutely great most of the time. Until someone wants ice cream or a bag of ice to fit into my freezer. I have a problem, I know."
  • "I constantly over-crowd the pan. I don't have time to cook in batches. If I can't make the ingredients fit in the pan at once, I'm not making that recipe."
  • "I soften butter in the microwave. I know it’s wrong. I use the defrost setting, and it seems to work just fine. Come on, no one has time to wait for butter to soften."
  • "I plan a bunch of dishes to make throughout the week and buy all the ingredients I'll need to make the recipes, but then I lose motivation throughout the week and order takeout instead."

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Source: Reddit

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