Most of Us Think We're Good At Spotting Liars

As much as we all wish everybody told us the truth, people lie, and while it isn’t always easy to realize people aren’t being truthful, it turns out a lot of folks believe they can tell whether or not someone is lying. A new survey commissioned by Online Betting Guide and conducted by OnePoll finds:

  • 53% of Americans insist they are good at spotting when people are lying to them.
  • Only 8% believe they aren’t good at it.
  • Those who do think they can spot a liar point to some obvious tell-tale signs folks aren’t being truthful, including:
    • Avoiding eye contact
    • Nervously talking
    • A poker face
  • When it comes to a poker face, 24% of Americans believe they have an excellent one.
  • 37% of people insist they can do a good job at lying to others.
  • Only 3% of folks think they have a bad poker face. 

And while lying may be wrong, there are several instances where people think it’s okay to bluff now and again.

  • They include:
    • When playing poker (32%)
    • When someone asks if you like what they’re wearing and you don’t (30%)
    • When someone makes you a horrible meal (27%)
  • As for how often people are doing it, the survey finds the average American uses their poker face four times a day, and lie 4.3 times a day.
  • Meanwhile, the average person believes they are lied to, on average, 5.8 times a day.
  • And despite all this lying, 54% of those polled say honesty is very important to them. 

Source: SWNS Digital

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