Women Reveal Most Disrespectful “White Knight” Behaviors

There are times when we appreciate a little extra politeness or chivalry, but most women know that sometimes those “good deeds” don’t come off as kind or polite at all. In fact, they can feel condescending, creepy or worse. A thread on the “Ask Women” section of Reddit asks, “What is the most white-knight behavior that truly makes you uncomfortable?”

These are some of the top responses:

  • “Offering to help you and not backing off, regardless of what you say … And they keep offering. And they keep pushing. It's extremely disrespectful.”
  • “When people try to put words in my mouth, like, ‘what I think she meant was…’ No, no, no. I said what I said, all questions can be directed to me.”
  • “When you're in a group conversation with some men and one of them swears, so another man cuts him off and scolds him because I'm there. What is this, the 1850s? I promise I won't faint.”
  • “People insisting on carrying things for me. I worked in a warehouse for years and can’t count how many times I got told that the lifting should be left for the ‘men.’”
  • “When they try to mansplain to me about how to do my job.”
  • “Speaking on my behalf because I didn't answer right away. Like, I don't care if you've known me my whole life, you don't, under any circumstances, speak for me. I have a voice.”
  • “Walking you home after a first date, especially when you don't know them well. Like, okay, maybe there's good intent, but statistically the guy I just started dating is more of a risk than the possibility of some random stranger danger attack on a busy, well-lit city street. Until I know a guy better I emphatically don't want to give them my address.”
  • “Kissing my hand when first meeting me. Please, no.”
  • “Men I don't know calling me 'honey,' 'sweetheart,' or any variation of that.”
  • “I got a flat tire at night on the highway and an older guy pulled over to help. I told him nicely that my friend was on his way and I didn't need his help. He refused to leave and just kept talking to me. I was really scared and annoyed.”

Source: Reddit

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