People Reveal The First Time They Remember Feeling Like An Adult

While your age may indicate that you’re all grown up, sometimes it takes more than another birthday to make you actually feel like you’re an adult. Well, now folks are sharing that moment of realization after someone on Reddit posed the question “When is the first time you remember feeling like an adult?”

Responses include:

  • “When I got mad that they rearranged the grocery store.”
  • “When I was buying my own groceries and had survived for two weeks on my own. I figured I must be doing it right since I wasn’t feeling hungry or diminished.”
  • “I wanted to buy a box of fruit roll ups. But was feeling weird about it because as a kid we were not allowed to get it…At some point while I was thinking about putting it down it dawned on me that I was a grown a** man with my own income. I bought like 20 boxes.”
  • “In college, I was with some friends at a party and one of them fell and busted his face so badly, he started bleeding badly. I went looking for someone to do something when I realized I was the only sober one there. Not a fun night or feeling.”
  • “The first time I didn’t have to ask for permission to go out.”
  • “When I saw people younger than me waste time on dead relationships, partying and dead end jobs. I realized I was now able to see the bigger picture and quite literally felt so old and responsible.”
  • “Honestly, the first time I bought a car without mentioning it ahead of time to my parents. I was 27 or 28, married (no kids, though), and it was at that point that I realized "I didn't really run this past anyone............hmm...”
  • “When I was shopping and a man said to their kid, "watch the lady" so that they would budge.
  • “When I made my Christmas wish-list and thought to myself” ‘I could use some socks...’”
  • “One day it somehow was wayyy too exciting when I went to a shop and found some really nice kitchenware that’s also easy to clean. That’s when I knew.”

Source: Reddit

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