People Are Sharing Their Dating App Horror Stories

Is it possible to be on dating apps and not have at least one dating app horror story? The “Buzzfeed Community” has their fair share, and they’re sharing them with all of us:

  • "I met up with a guy on Tinder and it seemed to be going okay. We went back to his apartment for drinks, and he excused himself for a moment, then returned to the living room naked. Full on naked. I ran back to my car and met up with a friend at a bar, but I ended up meeting the guy I've been with for the past five years from running out of that apartment and meeting up with my friend, so it didn't end all bad."
  • "I matched with a guy who seemed really sweet and chill at first but then immediately, like, took a sharp turn toward intimacy. We had been talking about our days, and he suddenly started mentioning wanting to come over. He wanted to know where I lived — and he said no distance was too great for him to cross. Seeing that we were in a global pandemic, I declined. Then he started begging to see my feet. Talking about how pretty they had to be and going into detail about rubbing and worshipping them."
  • "I matched with a guy who seemed okay, and when I read his profile, there was nothing that stuck out as a red flag. However, his first message to me was, 'I can tell a woman's bra size just by looking at a photo.' Then, he said what my bra size was. He was completely wrong, and I blocked him."
  • "I went on a date with a guy who seemed okay during drinks. I smoke (yuck, I know), and he gave me a hard time about it. When we got in his car, he proceeded to bring out a crack pipe. He then offered it to me. Yeah, I ended up getting a cab home and blocking him."

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Source: Buzzfeed

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