Subtle Red Flags That Are Actually A Cry For Help

There are many small behavioral changes that can actually be a sign that something is wrong. But what are they? Reddit user u/IncessantlyBored asked: "What is a sign of a cry for help that isn’t obvious to the average person?" Here are some of the responses:

  • "Anger is a sign — especially when someone typically isn't an 'angry person.' The problem is no one likes angry people, so often, it’s not seen as a red flag."
  • "My main tell is my voice. It drops in volume, and people have to ask me to speak up. I don’t always know until someone comments on it, but it invariably happens when I’m severely depressed."
  • "Typically, when my depression gets bad, I will go radio silent with my friends and won’t see anyone. I close in on myself because I feel like cr*p."
  • "Saying, 'I'm sorry,' for everything or taking the blame for things that shouldn't even have a blame."
  • "Giving a lot of personal possessions away without wanting anything in return."
  • "Excessive drinking when they usually don't."
  • "Lack of interest. Gamer all of a sudden no longer games? Gardener let his plants die? Social butterfly now hides in a cave?"
  • "Oversharing and lack of filter goes hand in hand with depression."

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Source: Reddit

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