Ways You're Sabotaging Your Love Life

Sometimes, we’re our own worse enemy. That applies to many aspects of life, including your love life. You could be sabotaging your love life without even realizing it! Dating’s already hard, why are you making it harder on yourself? Here are some ways you could be self-sabotaging.

  • You keep dating unavailable people. Dating unavailable people is a convenient way to avoid true intimacy. If you want a real relationship, stop doing it.
  • You don’t let people in. A relationship involves two people, you have to let the other person in.
  • You’re addicted to the butterflies. You can feel sparks with someone and they could be a terrible match for you. You need more than chemistry.
  • You don’t trust. Trust is one of the biggest foundations in a relationship!
  • You don’t have realistic expectations. Real life love isn’t like the movies. Or you may have a massive checklist of what you want in a partner that’s just not realistic.
  • You don’t communicate. Communication is another one of the biggest foundations in a relationship. Your partner can’t read your mind.
  • You avoid conflict. Conflict is going to arise. Ignoring it won’t make anything better.
  • You don’t want to put in the word. A relationship takes work to maintain, from both people in the relationship.

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Source: Bustle

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