The Most Popular Sweet On The Ice Cream Truck

As kids, there was nothing more exciting than hearing the sounds of an ice cream truck pulling up to the neighborhood. Most people have their favorite thing to order from an ice cream truck, and thanks to a new poll, we now know which items are the most popular to enjoy. A new YouGov survey finds:

  • The majority of Americans say they could recognize the jingle from an ice cream truck if they heard it, regardless of how old they are.
  • That’s particularly true for those ages 45 to 64, where 91% say they could recognize the jingle, as does:
    • 82% of those 30 to 44.
    • 74% of those 65 and over.
    • 72% off those under 30

So, what are the most popular treats people enjoy from the ice cream truck?

  • Well, the site pitted randomly selected ice cream treats against each other, with the Crunch Ice Cream Bar winning the most matchups, with 64.2%.
  • Other popular ice cream truck treats include:
    • Drumstick (64.1%)
    • Vanilla Ice Cream Sandwich (64.1%)
    • Twist Soft Serve Cone (62.4%)
    • Klondike Bar (60.1%)
    • Cookies and Cream Ice Cream Bar (58.8%)
    • Vanilla Soft Serve Cone (56.8%)
    • Neapolitan Ice Cream Sandwich (56.6%)
    • Oreo Ice Cream Sandwich (56.0%)
    • Chocolate Drumstick (55.8%)
    • Choco Taco (55.2%)
  • (Click here to see the entire list.)
  • Surprisingly, some of the least popular ice cream truck treats are ones inspired by popular characters, including
    • Powerpuff Popsicle (15.3%)
    • SpongeBob Popsicle (17.7%)
    • Spiderman Popsicle (20.6%)
  • But regardless of the popularity of such treats, it sounds like many folks are going elsewhere for their ice cream.
  • The survey found 64% of Americans haven’t had ice cream from a truck in the last year. 

Source: YouGov

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