People Reveal The Most Insulting Questions They’ve Been Asked

When trying to get to know someone it makes sense to ask a lot of questions. But while “what do you do?” and “where are you from?” are normal, some people have been asked questions that will leave you shocked, and now those people are sharing. 

People are spilling the beans after someone on Reddit posed the question “What is the most insulting question you have ever been asked?” and if you’ve asked one of these, you should feel embarrassed. 

Insulting questions include:

  • “NOT EVEN KIDDING, A DATE ASKED ME THIS ONE. ‘How long have you been Asian for?" whole f**king life???”
  • “’Does it bother you that your sister is prettier than you?” This was after I showed a date a picture of my family.”
  • “’Am I allowed to call you a dwarf or do you prefer little person?’ Bro I know I'm short at 4ft11 but I'm not a freaking dwarf.”
  • “I went to my mechanic, and he asked ‘aren’t you married yet? Your husband should be doing this, I wouldn’t want to confuse your little brain with a man’s knowledge.’”
  • “’When are you going to have that baby?’ ::::sigh::::I had him six months ago.”
  • “’Don't you feel scared that nobody will love you and you'll end up alone?’
  • Said by my older sister when I was only 20 and she had started dating her now husband making me the only sibling not in a relationship.”
  • “’So who'd you sleep with?’ in regards to my job. it's incomprehensible for some people that i, a relatively young women can do better than them.”
  • “I told a man I had been dating that I had a restraining order on my ex because he assaulted me and the guy said “well what did you do to provoke him? He didn’t attack you for no reason”.”
  • “’Aren’t you worried about dying alone?” “Who is going to take care of you when you are old?” I was asked this when a coworker found out I don’t have/want kids.”

Source: Reddit

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