People Are Sharing Their Worst Airbnb Stories

Sometimes Airbnbs aren’t what they seem like online. The “Buzzfeed Community” is sharing some of their worst Airbnb stories for you to relate to or look out for.

"We were asked to keep the internet usage to a minimum. Um, no, friend. They also set the TV to keep cutting to some kids movie on a regular basis, I guess to deter us from using the internet? It was weird."

  • "A recliner in the living room had a baggie pushed between the cushions…my sister pulled it out and it had some old sausage in it. There was also a live tick on my pillow that didn’t crawl into sight until I lay down. This was in a city with no wooded areas around."
  • "We opened a drawer in the kitchen, and it was full of sex toys."
  • "I booked an Airbnb in New York City and was looking for the bathroom. I found it — it was part of the hallway — and noticed there was no shower. I went looking for the shower and it was in the kitchen, with a full spice rack inside. The icing on the cake was one room that we were told not to enter, but we kept seeing some kind of movement from the curtain. Whether it was a fan or a person, we didn’t stay to find out. We ran out within 20 minutes."
  • "A couple of years ago, my partner and I got this Airbnb that looked good. When we got there, the bed hadn't been made clean, and there were wet towels on it. Also, one of the bathrooms hadn't been cleaned, and there was a toilet full of liquid diarrhea. That bathroom stayed closed, and I had to make the bed clean. I was so grossed out, I couldn't sleep properly for a few days."

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Source: Buzzfeed

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