Matchmaker Reveals Biggest Turn Off For Women On A Date

Dating expert and matchmaker Louanne Ward has seen and heard it all from her clients when it comes to dating and she’s revealing the biggest turn off for women on dates: men who talk about themselves all night. She explains that men who dominate the conversation like this show a lack of confidence and give off a more “feminine energy,” which tends to push women away.

Instead, the conversations should be more like a tennis match, according to the relationship pro. Each person should go back and forth, asking and answering questions to learn more about their date. “On a date, guys need to remember, you hit the ball over and she hits it back,” Ward explains. “It’s not supposed to be a one way street.”

Ward also claims that there are five words singles should stop saying if they want to find “the one.” She says that both men and women should avoid the phrase “I don’t have any expectations” because it inadvertently drives people away in the beginning stages of dating. The matchmaker points out that there are always expectations when dating, including things like your date arriving on time, looking like their photos and being who they said they are. She calls “I don’t have any expectations” an “orange flag statement” and says it could mean your date isn’t emotionally ready for a relationship.

Source: Daily Mail

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