People Reveal The Things They Thought Were “Signs Of Wealth” Growing Up

When you’re an adult it’s usually pretty obvious to identify someone who is wealthy, but as a kid, your concept of wealth can be a little off, and it’s not until you grow up that you realize what you thought was a sign of wealth, really wasn’t.

Well, now thanks to a new social media thread, Millennials are sharing things they thought were a “sign of wealth” growing up, and some are pretty amusing. The viral Facebook thread started when someone shared a tweet from a man who said he thought a basketball hoop with a clear backboard “meant you were rich,” followed by the question “What are some things you thought were indicators of wealth when you were a kid?”

Responses include:

  • “Real Kool Aid and Pop Tarts and Cereal.”
  • Having water/ice dispensers in the fridge.
  • “Feeding the dog chicken and eggs.”
  • “Sitting down at a dinner table to eat as a family.”
  • “If your parents were together or if you had a parent that came home every night.”
  • “Having a birthday cake that wasn’t a 13x9 cake pan.”
  • “Helium balloons. Not balloons blown up by your mouth and just taped to stuff.”
  • “If your house has a chandelier Or if the household has more than one car.”
  • “An in ground pool in the backyard.”
  • “Throwing away ketchup bottles without adding some water and shaking to get that last little bit.”
  • “Kids who brought strawberries with their lunches. I thought they must have cost at least $20 a box.”
  • “If you got dropped off or brought your lunch to school.”
  • “Air conditioner and a shower so five kids wouldn’t have to share the same water.”
  • “Having your own phone (landline) in your room.”
  • “A garage fridge for extra food and sodas and stuff.” 

Source: The Mail

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