What’s Worse Than Stepping On A Lego, According To Reddit

Ever stepped on a Lego brick in your bare feet? Parents all over the world have and they know that it’s definitely one of life’s most painful moments, especially when it’s early in the morning and you’re still half asleep, so it takes you by complete surprise. But a thread in the Ask Reddit forum has people thinking more extreme by asking, “What’s worse than stepping on a Lego?”

These are some of the things even worse than that, according to Reddit:

  • “Stepping on an upturned plug”
  • “Biting the inside of your mouth”
  • Or even worse: “When you bite the EXACT SAME SPOT multiple times during the EXACT SAME MEAL!”
  • “My dog has a knack for chewing her hard toys into sharp little torture devices and likes to carry them anywhere and everywhere around the house with her. Stepping on one of those.”
  • “Stepping on a headphone jack. I once stepped on an upturned headphone hack, which went entirely and fully into the heel of my foot.”
  • “Choking on a Lego”
  • “The only thing in existence that hurts more than stepping on a Lego is getting hit in the ankle with the side of a scooter.”
  • “Losing money”
  • “Stepping on a burning Lego”
  • “A Lego stepping on you”
  • “Watching someone you despise step on one and not laughing.”
  • “A pebble in your shoe or sock”
  • “When you go into your kitchen area, and step into ‘wet’ as a pet owner and pray it’s only vomit”
  • And “Not having a Lego to play with”

Source: Reddit

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