Solo Travelers Are Sharing Their Best Tips For An Unforgettable Trip

Have you been considering taking a solo trip, but are a bit too scared? Have no fear! Frequent solo travelers are now sharing their best tips, tricks and hacks with “Buzzfeed” to help you go solo and have an unforgettable trip.

  • "Street view on Google Maps can be your best friend. If you’re a visual person like me it really helps to see the places you’ll be driving or walking, turns or buildings will look familiar and you won’t look lost or out of place."
  • "I did a solo trip to Vienna. And my biggest tip is to not overwhelm yourself with activities. I took a lot of breaks and it definitely helped with being calm cool and collected while alone! Especially since I didn’t speak the languages."
  • "Pick a place with lots of solo things to do like walks, museums, castles which are kinda nice things to do alone. Bring some amazing books, do a walking tour, hit up a pub crawl. All ways to meet new people. I always worry about being lonely but I very rarely am."
  • "If you can, plan ahead for jet lag by slowly adjusting your sleep routine before your trip. You don’t have to go completely nocturnal, but even a few hours will make a difference. When you land, try to do something right away and go to bed at a reasonable time. Also, stay hydrated!"
  • "I have done five solo trips and loved every one of them. One important safety tip is to make sure someone has at least a rough outline of your travel plans. Flights, what cities you'll be in on what days, what hotels you'll be at. Share the big details that you know."

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Source: Buzzfeed

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