Flirty Texts To Send To Someone Who's At Work

It’s not always easy to text while at work. But there’s something about it that’s just thrilling, isn’t it? Especially when it comes from our crush or SO. If your beau or potential beau is at work and you want to spice up their workday, here are some flirty texts for you to send them, courtesy of “Bustle.”

  • “I hope you’re not working too hard today… you’ll need energy later tonight ;)”
  • “Let me know how your meeting goes! I’m sure you’re going to crush it.”
  • “Meet me for happy hour at 6? I want to see how your butt looks in those pants.”
  • “I’ve re-read the same sentence in this email five times because I can’t stop thinking about you.”
  • “I wish you were cuddled in bed with me instead of sitting at your desk.”
  • “I miss your face! Send me a work selfie?”
  • “My coworkers probably think I’m losing it because I get so excited when your name pops up on my phone.”
  • “How’s work going today? I bet it’s hard being the biggest hottie in the office.”
  • “Hey boss babe, can I take you out to lunch today?”

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Source: Bustle

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