Here's How Online Dating Has Changed From Ten Years Ago

It may be hard to believe that online dating has been around and popular for over a decade, but it’s true. Some people have been on it for 10 years for more and it’s safe to say a ton has changed when it comes to dating apps in the past decade. People who’ve been on it for 10+ years are sharing the ways in which it’s changed with “Buzzfeed”:

  • "People are less interested in actually putting in some effort to get to know you these days — I often see 'I don't want a pen pal.' Well, I don't wanna meet someone who is probably a weirdo immediately."
  • "Message length for sure; it's rare to get even a partial sentence these days."
  • "The apps and sites were simpler. I had more luck, but maybe just because I was young. I'm just lost now."
  • "As someone that has dated online for a decade, or more, I can tell you one thing that HASN'T changed. The ease of meeting people is nice, but also it isn't. You meet someone, you like them, but they are talking to five other people. It just sucks. #foreveralone"
  • "When online dating became a real thing, people went out of their way to come across as real and genuine. Now most demand you think that of them and treat others in a completely impersonal way."

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Source: Buzzfeed

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