Lessons To Learn By The Time You're 30

Your twenties are all about learning and growing. You become a different person in your late twenties than you are in your early twenties. Kate Ng is saying goodbye to her twenties, and is sharing some of the biggest life lessons she’s learned with “The Independent.”

  1. The cooler the shoes look, the more you suffer. Consider buying shoes that are more comfortable, or at least prepare accordingly.
  2. Use mayo on the outside of your grilled cheese instead of butter. It’ll cook more evenly.
  3. Get over embarrassment. Own the moment and move on.
  4. Always pee after sex. If you are female, it’ll reduce the risk of getting a UTI.
  5. Always wear sunscreen. It’ll keep your skin healthy, you healthy, and can help prevent wrinkles.
  6. It costs literally nothing to be nice. Whereas being nasty will cost you your reputation, mental health, and more.
  7. Imposter syndrome is real but you’re not alone. Almost everyone experiences it.
  8. It’s OK to let friends go. Friends do come and go, friendships can outgrow us and we can outgrow them.
  9. If you can do something yourself, do it. Waiting for someone else to do it can leave you waiting for a long time.
  10. Break up big ambitions into smaller ones. It’ll make them feel more achievable.

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Source: The Independent

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