These Types Of Social Media Posts Might Get You Fired

Being hesitant to post on social because you’re worried about work finding out happens to all of us; it’s a reasonable fear. But it’s important to know what you can’t get fired for. The First Amendment does protect your freedom of speech… but it may not protect you from consequences. This means that unless in your contract you have something specific written that says the specific conditions under which you get fired, you may want to be careful, both online and off, just in case.

A couple of law firms shared with “Lifehacker” what kind of posts employees can be fired or disciplined for:

  • Discriminatory, bigoted, or racist posts
  • Misleading posts about your company’s product or that are critical of your working environment
  • Posts containing confidential or proprietary information
  • Negative comments about your customers or clients
  • Anything that shows you lied to your employer (so, if you call in “sick” to attend an afternoon ballgame, don’t post a photo of yourself at the ballgame)
  • Posts showing illegal activity

Source: Lifehacker

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