Parents Share The Most Savage Clapbacks They’ve Heard From Their Kids

Any parent will tell you, at some point kids will start talking back to their parents. And while some may just get angry, there are plenty of kids who get so clever that their moms and dads have to sit back and be impressed.

Well, now parents are sharing some of those savage clapbacks they’ve heard from their kids via a new thread on the anonymous Whisper app, and some are pretty hilarious.

Savage clapbacks include:

  • “Yesterday my son wouldn’t eat his sandwich. Tried the starving kids in Africa bit. To my dismay he told me to mail it to them. He’s four.”
  • “I told my son to use the same glass because I was sick of the sink filling up. He said it wouldn’t be such a problem if I washed up more often.”
  • “I told my son that as a parent it is my job to be the boss. He replied, ‘if you’re the boss, where’s my paycheck?” TF. He’s barely six.”
  • “I told my kid ‘The Lion King’ came out when I was a kid. She asked was it in color?”
  • “My daughter is pretty spoiled. Today she asked me for money for toys. I told her ‘money doesn’t grow on trees.’ Her response…’no it comes out of a machine so go get it.’”
  • “Told my daughter it was nap time and she says ‘no thank you mommy try again.’ At least she’s polite in her rejection.”
  • “I told my daughter that my new boyfriend was going to stick around. She replied with ‘yeah mom that’s what you said about Travis.’ She’s already a pessimist at eight years old.”
  • “I told my son he had his shoes on the wrong feet. He told me they are the only feet he has, lol.”
  • “I told my daughter she was being a turd. She put her hands on her hips and told me it takes one to know one.”
  • “I told my son (3) good boys pick up their toys. He replied, ‘guess I’m going to the corner then.’”

Source: Whisper

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