Parents Admit What They Actually Hate About Parenthood

Raising kids isn’t easy, it takes a lot of time, money, patience and sacrifice, especially of sleep. While some parents seem to find joy in every single moment of it, others aren’t afraid to be honest about the not-so-great parts. BuzzFeed asked parents, “What is something you feel like you should enjoy doing with your kids, but actually hate?”

These moms and dads are getting real about the parts of parenting they really despise:

  • “I hate those ridiculous school events for such minor things that don't directly affect my kids, yet I'm supposed to pretend I care about. And don't get me started on 'Open House' night.”
  • “I hate listening to my 7-year-old read. It annoys me when she can't sound out a word without help. It also takes her forever to finish a chapter. There, I finally said it.”
  • “Cooking with small They always want to help, and it's 10 times more messy and 10 times more time-consuming when they ‘help.’”
  • “Watching movies with my kids is not fun to me. They’re 6 and 4 years old, and proceed to ask 1.5 zillion questions during the movie.”
  • “I hate going to other kids' birthday parties. Ugh. They're so loud, and watching presents being opened that mean nothing to anyone but the child opening them is dreadful.”
  • “I feel terrible even just typing it, but I hate rocking my kids to sleep. Hear me out — I love the bonding experience, but it is so frickin' HOT. Not to mention now that they're asleep, you are either stuck or you risk waking them if you move.”
  • “I can barely stand going to the park with my kids. Yes, being outdoors is lovely, but standing around while my kid repeats 'Watch this mommy!' over and over again hurts my soul.”
  • “Reading to my toddler is one of my favorite things to do with him...but you can only read the same book so many nights in a row before you're ready to throw it out a window.”
  • “I hate trick-or-treating! I love seeing my kid in costume, and I love spooky things, but actually going door-to-door in rainy, cold weather to collect candy that will sit on top of the fridge for a year just does nothing for me."
  • “Playing any type of board game, but especially Monopoly! It’s all fun and games until my child is losing.”

Source: BuzzFeed

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