People Share The Most Disgusting Bad Habits

While some people may like to think they are perfect, the truth is a lot of people are guilty of some bad habits. And while they may think some of those habits are innocent enough, there are plenty of people out there who think they are downright disgusting.

Well, now folks are sharing some of those habits they just can’t stand, after someone on Reddit posed the question, “What's the most disgusting bad habit?” 

Responses include:

  • “Smacking lips while chewing food nosily (with mouth open).”
  • “Littering.”
  • “I once saw a person picking their ear and eating the wax. That sh*ts even worse then picking and eating out of your nose.”
  • “Not brushing your teeth.”
  • “Spitting in public while walking around town.”
  • “Talking when chewing, with food particles coming out of their mouth.”
  • “Smoking. Bad for you and bad for people around you, a nuisance for everyone else, butts everywhere and permanent putrid patina in places where it’s not forbidden.”
  • “I really don't like people who talk very loudly on the public transport.. it annoys me real quick.”
  • “Incessantly picking your scabs so you always have open wounds.”
  • “Cutting off someone to say something dumb.”
  • “When guys fart into their hand and smell it. Vile pigs
  • “Picking booger in front of other people. Flicking included.”
  • “Biting your nails. It’s so common that people don’t realize or remember how vile it is chewing on nails and eating germs and dirt or god knows what I’m there. I could never do it.”
  • “People who chew tobacco walking around with a bottle full of their dark, cloudy, spit has got to be right up there.”
  • “Peeing while slowly walking backwards to see how far my stream can go without missing.”
  • “Cracking knuckles.”

Source: Reddit

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