Anonymous Employees Are Spilling Job Secrets

Everyone has secrets. And when they’re secrets from our jobs, they can be even juicier. “BuzzFeed” asked their community to share, “what’s a secret you only know from your job?” and the answers may surprise you.

  • "I work as a wildland firefighter. People seem to think we have a few big fires a year. In reality, thousands of small wildfires occur every year. The public does not know about them because usually they are too small to care about, or in the middle of nowhere. Wildfires only get coverage when they are large and threatening communities."
  • "As a housekeeper in a very popular international hotel brand, we NEVER wash the duvets in between guests unless they have stains on them. It’s also very common for the housekeepers to just rinse the dishes and put them back into the cupboards in the suites, instead of properly washing them."
  • "I work in theater management. People urinate in seats all the time. Best our maintenance team can do is let it dry and spray it down. When someone vomits in the house (theater auditorium), the carpets aren’t cleaned because all they use is the sawdust packets and vacuum/sweep it up."
  • "I’m a college professor. I definitely have favorite students and I definitely grade assholes more strictly. It goes a long way to talk to your professors and ask for help if you need it, even if you don’t love the subject or the class."

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Source: BuzzFeed

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