Our Favorite Ice Cream Flavors Are...

July is National Ice Cream Month, and considering how hot it’s been lately we bet lot of people have been heading to their local ice cream shop to cool off. And while these days a lot of ice cream places have interesting and wacky flavors, when it comes to America’s favorites, classic flavors still reign supreme. 

  • A new YouGov poll asked Americans to pick their favorites from a list of 21 flavors.
  • While some may think it’s boring, vanilla turned out to be the most popular choice, with 59% of ice cream lovers saying they like vanilla, and 11% saying it’s their favorite flavor.
  • Chocolate isn’t too far behind though, with 51% of people liking chocolate, and 10% saying it’s their favorite.
  • Other top ice cream flavors include:
    • Strawberry (43% like, 6% favorite)
    • Cookies and Cream (43% like, 7% favorite)
    • Chocolate Chip (39% like, 2% favorite)
    • Butter Pecan (35% like, 8% favorite)
    • Mint Chocolate Chip (33% like, 9% favorite)
    • Caramel (33% like, 3% favorite)
    • Neapolitan (30% like, 2% favorite)
  • Some flavors are more popular in certain areas of the country though.
  • For example, Southerners are more likely to be fans of butter pecan (42%).
  • Midwesterners are big fans of chocolate chip cookie dough (44%) and caramel (41%).
  • Those in the Northeast have a fondness for coffee (32%) and peanut butter (29%). They are also more likely to favor chocolate than vanilla.
  • And Westerner are more likely to love vanilla (64%) than other areas of the country.

As for how folks like to eat their ice cream

  • 41% of Americans prefer to eat their ice cream in a bowl.
  • 33% prefer a waffle cone.
  • 12% enjoy a sugar cone.
  • 5% like a cake cone
  • 2% enjoy it some “other” way

Source: YouGov

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