The Biggest Red Flags On Dating Apps

In this day and age most people looking for love will try a dating app at one time or another, and it isn’t always the greatest experience. It’s always hard to know whether the person you swipe on will turn out to be a good match in real life, but there may be some things that will give you a hint you should just scroll on by.

Well, now folks are sharing what some of those dating app red flags are, after BuzzFeed asked their community what folks what things they look out for.

Responses include:

  • "Pictures with the animals they have hunted."
  • "If they're wearing a hat in every photo, it's a good bet they're overly self-conscious about their hair. Men, some of us LIKE a bald man. Or we don't give a damn. Please, a photo without the baseball cap and shades!"
  • "A red flag for me is not smiling in any of their photos! I love a nice smile and I want to see it!"
  • "When they have a list of 'nos' on their profile. For example, no single mums, no BBW, no shift workers, no tall girls, etc. What if your soulmate is a 5'10" single mum who works as a nurse and hasn't lost her baby weight yet? You'll never know!"
  • "In my experience, no conversation beginning with 'hey' has ever gotten any better. (I’m shy, but I still made an effort to tailor messages to the recipient. Just saying.)"
  • "Guys who say 'no drama.' Guaranteed 100% they were the source of whatever drama they experienced in the past."
  • "I don’t swipe for anyone who doesn’t include a written profile about themselves or chooses to only use emojis. If you can’t write even a few clear sentences about who you are and what you’re looking for, you don’t deserve my attention."
  • "If they make any comment about being an alpha male."
  • "One-sided conversations. I ask questions and just get responses and nothing else. That’s not someone interested in really getting to know me. Why do you bother liking me if you aren’t going to put in any effort?" 

Source: Buzzfeed

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