We're So Out Of Shape Half Can’t Even Touch Their Toes

While there are plenty of people in this country who exercise regularly, there are also plenty of people who are totally out of shape, and now a new survey reveals just how bad things are.

The poll finds:

  • Many Americans admit that over the past few years they haven’t been taking care of their bodies the way the should.
  • People are so out of shape, that 51% of Americans say they can’t even touch their toes without straining.
  • But it’s pretty apparent folks aren’t happy about that.
  • 73% of people say they want to increase their physical activity.
  • 70% insist they are making an effort to move around more now than when the pandemic began.
  • Some of the ways people are making that effort include:
    • Stretching at home (43%)
    • At home workouts (38%)
    • Taking mental health walks (31%)
  • But when it comes to walking, a lot of Americans aren’t getting enough steps in.
  • The average person only gets about 3,800 steps in per day, well below the recommended 10,000 steps per day.
  • As for the main reasons folks are hoping to increase their exercise, 81% say it actually puts them in a better mood.
  • Other reasons include:
    • Improve their physical health (67%)
    • Improve their mental health (51%)
    • To be a good influence on their children (42%)

Source: Study Finds

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