Small Changes People Made That Improved Their Relationships

Sometimes it really is the little things in life that make all the difference. BuzzFeed readers are sharing small changes they made that really improved their relationships.

Maybe some of these could make our own relationships better:

  • “Separate blankets. GAME changer,” writes one person. “Now we each get to be comfortable and don’t wake the other up all the time. We sleep so much better.”
  • “We watch television apart,” shares another. “He likes shows that are more actiony, and he thinks the shows I watch are boring, so we give up the remote to each other sometimes. We also have a TV in another room just for this reason.”
  • “If you can, I highly recommend separate bathrooms,” suggests one. “Now that we have separate bathrooms, I don’t have to look at his mess. He has actually gotten neater because of it. Also, we never have to squabble over who gets to use the bathroom to get ready in the morning."
  • “Married 35 years. Split our bank accounts 22 years ago,” reveals another.
  • “My husband and I have separate Spotify accounts,” one woman writes. “I know it doesn't seem like a big thing, but now I can listen to whatever trash I want without worrying I'll mess up his algorithm.”
  • “My spouse and I have a rule: Nobody is psychic,” a reader explains. “Meaning, if you have a need or want, or something is wrong, tell the other person. Otherwise, they won't know, and they can't be helped.”
  • “We schedule non-negotiable date nights so we prioritize each other,” shares one person.
  • “We set the whole next week’s dinner menu every weekend,” offers another. “No more 'what should we have for dinner?' and less dining out. We waste less food because we have a plan to cook and eat everything we buy when we go grocery shopping.”
  • “We say 'please' and 'thank you' for everything, even small things,” writes another. "It keeps us both feeling appreciated and noticed.”

Source: BuzzFeed

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