How to Tell if You're About to Be Laid Off

There usually isn’t a way to know for sure that you’re going to be laid off, but there are some signs that can give you clues to that it’s coming. Even if you can’t prevent it, it’s good to be (somewhat) prepared for it, so look out for these signs.

  • The larger economy starts looking shaky. Like the stock market falling and inflation rising.
  • Your company is losing money. Some companies do layoff people even when they’re making money, but if they’re losing money (or not making more money) they may look to find that money elsewhere, such as from salaries.
  • People in upper management start leaving. Those at the top of the company tend to have a much more clear view of what’s really happening to the org.
  • Your company brings in consultants. The consultants are brought in for a reason, and lots of times it’s to look at a re-org.
  • Things start feeling “off.” If your gut is telling you there’s a tension in the air, listen to it.
  • People use the word “restructuring” or mention “cost cutting.” They could come up in general convos or in company wide emails.
  • You receive an official notice. Some states require for companies to give their employees advanced written notice.


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Source: Lifehacker

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