Women Reveal The Worst Red Flags A Guy Could Have

When a relationship goes sour, it’s easy to look back and realize the red flags you should have noticed from the beginning, but, of course, it isn’t always easy to see them in the early stages of a relationship. Well, now some gals are pointing out those red flags to help their fellow females not make the same mistake twice.

It all started when a new Reddit thread asked, “Women of Reddit, what's the worst red flag that a guy could have?” Plenty of women were happy to chime in.

Responses include:

  • “A man once told me ‘I don't usually like women, but I can tolerate you.”
  • “Not letting you have your female friends and your family , or starting to say bad things about them when they didn't do anything.”
  • “When he says "I never apologize for anything" thinking it sounds cool. But really it's 😬....yikes.”
  • “The ones that rage too much when playing video games, I’m not talking about turning the device off or yelling out a simple "F**k!“ im talking about punching and breaking things, if i meet someone like that I’m running home ASAP.”
  • “It is an immediate red flag if he does not like taking no for an answer over the smallest things such as trying his food, drink, doing something you don’t like, etc.”
  • “Talking about how he wished I looked a certain way, and telling me to try to look, dress, and behave in a certain manner.”
  • “Having to say ‘I'm a nice guy.’”
  • “Rants about how all of his exes were crazy.”
  • “A few weeks before my 20th birthday, a dude told me I could pass for 15 (or possibly 14) and then said, ‘I don’t mind that.’ Nope. Absolutely not. No. I wasn’t interested in him before and I definitely wasn’t after that.”
  • “Comparing you to their exes, worse their MOM.”
  • “Doin nice things for you and then constantly reminding you of the nice things they've done for you. No. Just no.” 

Source: Reddit

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