Older Folks Share What They Wish Young People Wouldn't Make Fun Of Them For

It’s no secret that all the different generations make fun of other generations. But sometimes, the jokes can go a bit too far. People are sharing the things they’ve noticed younger people unfairly making fun of older people for.

  • "Old people can't even sit in a cafe or go on a walk without people patronizing them with some sort of, 'Aww, they're so cute! I love old people!' comment. Why have we normalized treating old people like babies? They're grown, multifaceted human beings in the later stages of life, not toys for you to ogle at."
  • "Using cash! I mean, it’s real money. Using it at stores means the store doesn’t have to pay the service charge from a card, and most of the time it’s quicker than using a card! Cash is cool!"
  • "Wearing diapers."
  • "Dining early at the 'blue hair' dinner hour. It leaves plenty of time for digestion before bed, and if you save a little money, that's a bonus. No different than making happy hour your dinner, really."
  • "Giving advice for situations they've been in before. I, myself, try to pretend like they must have no idea what they are talking about because it's 2022, not 1982, but almost every time, they end up being right. God, I wish I would just listen sometimes."

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Source: Buzzfeed

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