Gen Z Office Workers Are Suffering "Burnout" Because Of Old Tech

A recent study from “Asana” has found that Gen Z employees are having “burnout” because they don’t understand old technology, and need to turn to boomers for technical help. The study finds:

  • 49% of Gen Z were confused and needed help from baby boomer colleagues
  • Old tech has also led to 78% of younger workers suffering from “imposter syndrome.”
  • 32% of baby boomers felt “imposter syndrome.”
  • More than 8 in 10 said they struggle with burnout partly because of their frustrations of this old tech slowing down their work
  • 47% of baby boomers felt the same way
  • 65% of Gen Z became exasperated by having to search for info in outdated systems
  • 37% of Gen Z struggle to log off after work and keep working on phones and tablets, since they’re on the technology anyway


“‘Gen Z is particularly sensitive to the impact of legacy systems and highly values modern technology,” Simon O’Kane, a spokesman for Asana said. “They push back against established norms, hoping companies will update legacy systems in favor of modern technology and efficient processes. It is clear that organizations either don’t have clear processes that Gen Z connects with or have legacy processes that they find cumbersome and demotivating. But generations who didn’t grow up with technology in the same way are less likely to be affected.”

Source: Daily Mail

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