Women Are Sharing Insecurities That They've Grown To Love Instead

Did you have a part of yourself that you hated growing up but have now learned to love? Or is there something about yourself that you hate rn and never think you’ll love? Women are now sharing insecurities that they had that they now love, thanks to Reddit user u/codependentweeb.

  • "My big curly hair. People used to say that it was nappy or that it was unattractive. After natural hair became more mainstream, I saw a lot more appreciation for textured hair and grew to love it in all its wild glory."
  • "I’m 6’1 and was called big bird my whole life. It's hard for a little girl to be close to a half foot taller than every other boy/girl growing up! I’ve learned not to give two f*cks in my 30s."
  • "My zebra stripes, aka stretch marks. I've had them since I was 12, and I've been average or underweight all my life. I used to not like them, but no one has ever said anything mean about it, so I just got used to it."
  • "I used to hate my voice (raspy voice gal here). Now, I consider it one of my unique features."
  • "I was incredibly insecure about my tummy, but now I've grown to accept that it is a part of me, and now, I love my tummy."
  • "I used to hide my smile until I got a compliment from a stranger online that my smile was the prettiest she's ever seen. How one comment from a stranger can change the way you look at yourself."

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Source: Reddit

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