Viral Dishwasher Thread Leads Folks To Share Biggest Dishwasher Fails

Every day people around the country load up their dishwasher with their dirty plates and silverware, but as convenient as it is to have something wash dishes for you, not every item can actually go into a dishwasher.

And that apparent fact has now become a viral social media thread, after one woman shared her husband’s philosophy on the dishwasher, and it quickly prompted folks to share their dishwashing fails. 

Twitter user @phiamenina tweeted her hubby’s thoughts on dishwashers, writing, “everything is dishwasher safe if you don’t care enough about it” - my husband,” which quickly gained over 480,000 likes and thousands of comments.

  • Most comments had to do with things they realized too late were not dishwasher safe. For example one woman showed off her ruined steak knives, noting, “I think it’s a ploy to have me take over loading the dishwasher,” while another showed off her warped plastic water bottle, offering, “So I didn’t realize that I couldn’t put those 64oz water bottles in the dishwasher.” Another shared her rusted cast iron pan, noting, “Don’t be like me, and put a cast iron frying pan, in the dishwasher!" 
  • Another person has a more realistic approach to dishwashers, noting, “I put most things in the dishwasher. If it doesn’t survive, it wasn’t meant to live in my house,” adding, “Exceptions include knives, anything wood, cast iron, carbon steel, sheet pans." 

But the post also lead some to question the need for dishwashers in the first place.

  • "Who needs a dishwasher, with a lovely husband like him?,” one person tweeted. “Seriously, why have a dishwasher. Unless you are a family of 6, eating 3 meals a day, or you run a restaurant.”
  • Although some argued in favor of the appliance. “I love not having dirty dishes piling up on the bench, everything goes in the dishwasher and we run it once a day,” one person shared. “Handwashing dishes is a pain — literally if, like us, you’re tall and the sink is low.”

Source: Today

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