Here's Why You Shouldn't Use "Hey" As A Dating App Pickup Line

Is your go-to DM on dating apps just a simple “hey?” If yes, STOP IT! You’re likely getting ignored more than you’re getting responses and there’s a reason for that. “Hey” is a good way to start up a convo with a friend or colleague, not with someone on a dating app that you have no preexisting relationship with.

“Hey” is super uninteresting. It gives off zero intention of seriousness or a decent conversation, which are two things people on dating apps looking for love want to see. Especially when you have the person’s pics or dating profile to comment on, just messaging “hey” show a series lack of effort.

What should you say instead? Ask a question about something on their profile. Break the ice by showing you paid attention to the things they’ve written down. Or start with something fun like asking if pineapple belongs on a pizza. Even sending a fun gif of an animal waving is a better message than just “hey.”

Source: CNET

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