People Share The Unusual Things On Their Bucket Lists

Most people have things they want to do or see before they die. And while seeing the ocean, or visiting a certain country may be common bucket list items, there are people out there who have some rather unique things they want to do before the kick the bucket.

Well, now folks are sharing what those out-of-the ordinary things are, after someone on Reddit posed the question “What is the most unusual thing on your bucket list?”

Responses include:

  • “Not sure if it’s unusual but seeing the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) is on my list.”
  • “I really want to spend a night in a supposedly haunted hotel.”
  • “I want to go to a Spice Girls concert. Preferably all five but that seems even more unlikely.”
  • “Go to a game show taping.”
  • “Put on a dinosaur costume and walk around.”
  • “Dress up as a ghost to scare people on ghost walk tours.”
  • “Hug a baby panda.”
  • “Singing in public. P.S. I don't sing well.”
  • “Threesome.”
  • “Go to Thailand to visit their Seven-Elevens.”
  • “Ruin my ex boss’ life.”
  • “Wrestling a bear.”
  • “If I ever get a chance to go to Alaska, I would love to catch a salmon with my hands.”
  • “Try onion rings all over the world.”

Source: Reddit

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