People Share Early “Red Flags” That Reveal A Relationship Is Toxic

When you fall for someone, especially in the beginning, everything seems perfect and great, so you tend to overlook signs that may warn you things won’t always be like this. But now folks are trying to help others notice those “red flags” to save them the heartache that’s bound to come.

A recent Reddit thread asked folks to share “early warning signs you missed that later made sense after dating someone who turned out to be manipulative and disingenuous?” and plenty of people were more than happy to share.

Such early red flags include:

  • "Someone who absolutely idolizes you WAY too early. For me, it was someone saying 'I love you' after only four weeks."
  • “They don't have a lot of long-term people in their life. This one is only a warning sign if they're very friendly and make connections easily. If they can connect upfront easily, and yet, no one seems to stick around, something might be up."
  • “Oversharing personal details a few hours after we’d met, repeating that they feel 'safe' with me. I thought it was trust and chemistry; actually, it was love bombing."
  • "Disrespecting my time and wanting to hang out way too much, way too fast. Also, refusing to leave my house when I said that I’m done for the evening."
  • “Asking me a ton of questions and talking about themselves a lot but not really allowing ME to ask THEM questions.”
  • “He tells you that he's a nice guy that always gets screwed over. From my experience, 100% of the time this guy turned out to be extremely manipulative, controlling, and gaslit me like crazy."
  • "I always extra look out for someone who can only say nasty or vicious things about their own exes, especially if they’re always completely blameless in these retellings, too!"

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Source: BuzzFeed

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