People Share Boss "Motivations" That Totally Backfired

The Great Resignation is still happening. People are still switching jobs and looking for new gigs. Reddit user u/CasperTFG_808 used this an opportunity to ask “What is your ‘The beatings will continue until Morale improves’ work story?” and people were quick to share their own horror stories.

  • "My manager asked what to do about low morale and high turnover. I know he’s a harda** so I offer something simple, 'Well there are only three chairs for the given 15–25 of us on an average day, how about we get some more?' His response was, verbatim: 'DONT YOU START THIS FIGHT WITH ME BECAUSE YOU ARE NOT GOING TO WIN.'"
  • "If you did not display an enthused reaction to the 'Mandatory Fun' activities, you were put on the sh*t list."
  • "We had an employee morale survey and 'I am paid enough' was one question. CEO eliminated the cost of living/annual raises. That question was removed from the employee survey."
  • "We're going to lock the knowledge base until productivity goes up. You should be able to do your job without it.' SPOILER: We couldn't."
  • “We were all swamped with more work than we could complete and mandatory meetings would happen often that were to discuss why we were behind and what they could do. One guy actually spoke up and said ‘STOP HAVING SO MANY MEETINGS AND LET US WORK, EVERY MINUTE OF THIS MEETING IS PUTTING ME FURTHER BEHIND!’ They literally called another meeting 30 minutes later to discuss how the last meeting was not a positive experience for them.”

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Source: Reddit

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