How To Pack Light For Summer Travel

A lot of folks are traveling this summer, but as we’ve seen, there have been a lot of headaches dealing with airlines delaying and canceling flights. With that comes the very real possibility that luggage will be delayed or lost, which makes it more important than ever to travel with just a carry-on so it’s with you at all times. 

Of course, it isn’t always easy to scale down what you want to bring since, let’s face it, we like options. But there are things you could do to help you pack a little lighter and get everything in your carry-on for your next trip.

Some tips include:

  • Use packing cubes – These cubes not only help save space, but they are great for organization, and helps you make the most of your carry-on space. Also, try rolling your clothes instead of laying them flat, which helps you pack tighter and minimize creasing.
  • Ditch your hair tools – Yes, it’s easier to do your hair with your own hair tools, but dryers, flat irons and such take up space, and most hotels will have hair dryers, so that’s just taking up space that could be used for other stuff.
  • Take flat shoes – High heels and chunky boots may look cute, but they take up a lot of space. Flats will not only open up space, but they will make your bags feel lighter as well.
  • Wear your bulkiest clothes and shoes – if you can’t pack it, wear it. Don’t pack thinks like a big jacket or sneakers, choose your travel outfit based on how much space an item will take up in your luggage.
  • Fill in the extra space – Use open holes and extra spaces to squeeze in things like socks, underwear, etc. You can even shove things in your shoes to fill in whatever space you have.
  • Don’t overpack – It’s easy to just simply pack too much, but fight the urge and really prioritize pieces to keep you from packing things you won’t wear.

Source: Fox News

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